Heart Mountain Roller Derby

Roller derby is an intense, fast paced, full contact sport that is dedicated to the empowerment of women.
There are three positions on each team: Jammer, Pivot and Blocker:

  • The jammer races through the pack and scores points by passing members of the opposing team.
  • The pivot sets the pace of the pack and blocks the opposing team’s jammer from breaking through the pack.
  • The blockers assist their team’s jammer through the pack and try to stop the opposing team’s jammer from breaking through the pack.

A pack is composed of eight skaters (i.e. four skaters from each team). Specifically, a pack consists of a pivot and three blockers per team.  Each team has one jammer on the rink. The jammers line up roughly 20 feet behind the pack.

The first whistle blows and the pack takes off. A second whistle blows and the jammers race to the back of the pack and begin fighting their way through. Once the jammer makes it through the pack she races around the rink and fights her way through again. During the second time through she will score a point for each opposing team member that she passes. The jammer will continue to lap the rink, fight through pack, and score points until the end of the jam.

A bout (i.e game) consists of 2 thirty-minute periods and a period consists of numerous “jams”. A jam is a 2 minute session with the above activities occurring. After each jam, the 10 girls on the track are replaced by another line up of 10 girls. A jam can be called off in less than 2 minutes if the lead jammer makes that decision.